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Employees of Pharma Chemical Co. , Bayonne, NJ ca. 1920's
Standing Left-Roland Kugler, Superintendent                           
Standing 4th from Left-Sam Smith, Supervisor
Employees of Intermediates Dept. of General Aniline Works,
Grasselli, NJ.  Aniline Dyegest Nov. 1945
Workers in Barrel Rolling Contest at Pharma
Chemical Co., Bayonne, NJ ca. 1940s
Chemical Operator at General Aniline Works, Grasselli, NJ
Photo:  Barrett Gallagher, Fortune, August 1947
National Aniline Employees Celebrate a Worker's
Service Anniversary, Buffalo NY ca. 1950.
Photo:  Courtesy of Martin Biniasz (Grandfather
Adam Biniasz Worked Over 30 Years at the Plant)  
Workers Roasting Baryte Ore for "Ponolith"Lithopone Pigment
Photo: DuPont Magazine, April 1949, Courtesy of DuPont
Willie Holmes, Chemical Operator
Verona Dyestuffs Plant 2, Bayonne, NJ, ca. 1970s
Charging Batch of Urethane Black Paste
Worker at Sandoz Plant in Switzerland Adding
Reaction Solution to Vessel
Photo by Foto Eidenbenz in
Sandoz 1886-1961
John Brown, Production Worker, Feeds Dye into a Crusher at
American Hoechst Rhode Island Works
Pronounced Success-America and Hoechst 1953-1978
Madison J. Glover, Boiler Operator
Verona Dyestuffs Plant 2, Bayonne, NJ, 1977
Ralph Carangelo , Chemical Operator
Verona Dyestuffs Plant 2, Bayonne, NJ 1977.   
Walter Tames, Management Employee, Racking Presscake
During Harmon Colors Strike, Haledon, NJ, May 1979
GAF Old Timers Picnic, June 1979. Retired Chemical Operators
Joseph V. Baptista (Second from Left) and Walter Babiarz
(Third from Left).  Photo:  Handy-Boesser
Harmon Colors Workers on Strike
Haledon, NJ, May 6, 1982
Ed Becker, Welder, Dismantling Harmon Colors Plant, Haledon, NJ 1993
Photo Courtesy of Wilson Baker
Workers at DuPont Dye Works, Deepwater, NJ
Photos:  American Dyestuff Reporter 1937.  Click to Enlarge
Left:  Operator Packaging Dye Intermediate from Flaking Machine
Right:  Operator Monitors Solvent Distillation Unit
Left:  Operators Receive Dye Presscake for Air Dryers
Center:  Operators Load Rack of Presscake into Dryer
Right:  Operator Checks Drum Dryer
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Workers in the Colorants Industry
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