Pharma Chemical manufactured the following pharmaceuticals beginning in 1918:

1)  Salophen- analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory properties.  Manufactured under contract with Bayer:

2) Phenacetin-analgesic, antipyretic properties.  Synthesis by ethylation of p-Nitrophenol with Ethyl Chloride, reduction of the nitro group and acetylation with acetic

3) Sulfonal-hypnotic property.  Synthesis by condensing Ethyl Mercaptan with Acetone and oxidizing with Potassium Permanganate.   Pharma may have had license from

4) Trional-hypnotic property.  Chemical structure similar to sulfonal except a methyl group is replaced by an ethyl group.  Made by condensing ethylmercaptan with methyl
ethyl ketone and oxidizing the resulting mercaptol with potassium permanganate.

5) Guaiacol Carbonate-expectorant property.  Synthesis by reaction of Phosgene with Guaiacol (o-Methoxyphenol) in aqueous Sodium Hydroxide:

6) Creosote Carbonate-expectorant, antiseptic properties.  It is a mixture of the carbonates of creosote components, mainly Guaiacol and Cresol.  Manufactured under
contract with Hoffman-La Roche.  

6) Halocrine-intermediate (2-Methoxy-6,9-Dichloroacridine) manufactured by Pharma during WW II, likely for Winthrop Chemicals' production of the anti-malarial drug Atabrine:
The early production of pharmaceuticals at the Pharma Chemical plant in Bayonne was done under crude operating conditions.  Neighbors complained about odors in 1920, prompting an
investigation by Hudson County Prosecutor of Pleas Pierre Garvan, who was former Mayor of Bayonne.  Garvan hired Dr. Victor L. King, a highly respected chemist working for Calco Chemical, to
conduct an inspection of the Pharma Chemical plant.  He filed three reports with Garvan that identified safety and environmental problems at the plant and included recommendations for better
air pollution control and safer handling of phosgene.  An injunction was not issued, so it is presumed that Pharma Chemical either implemented the required engineering controls or stopped
production of Sulfonal.

Dr. King's reports are reproduced below, with permission from Dartmouth College Library, Rauner Special Collections:
Courtesy of Dartmouth College Library
Courtesy of Dartmouth College Library
Pharmaceuticals Production at Pharma Chemical Corporation
Bayonne, New Jersey
4-Acetamidophenyl Salicylate
CAS 118-57-0
p- Acetophenetidine
CAS 62-44-2
Sulfonal (Acetone Diethyl Sulfone)
CAS 115-24-2
Di-o-Methoxyphenyl Carbonate  
CAS 553-17-3
CAS 83-89-6
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ca. Early 1900's
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Chemical's Creosote
Carbonate, ca. 1900
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CAS 76-20-0
Trade ad for Pharma Chemical drugs.
Source:  Drug and Chemical Markets, 1920
Pharma Chemical Trademark for Drugs
Image:  US Patent Office Gazetter 1920