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Stock Certificate 1918
Image:  www.scripophily
National Aniline Dye Ads-American Dyestuff Reporter 1922
Employee Badges ca. WW II
Contractor Badge
Letter on Dye Sample Request-1951
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National Aniline and Chemical Company
Ad for National Aniline Food Dyes-1919
Sample Vials of National Aniline Food Dyes, ca. 1920s
Left to Right:  Plumna (Plum), No. 94 Tartrazine (Yellow),
Special Grape Shade, Mongol (Egg Yellow)
Photo:  Courtesy of Mr. Norman Rogers
Nacconal Ads Courtesy of Tom Jensen
Salesman's Wood Case of National Aniline Food Dye Sample Vials
Photo Courtesy of Carol Kissinger