The Marney Dyeing Machine
Edward Marney of ICI and his invention the Marney Dyeing Machine.  Photo:  ICI Blackley 1947.
Edward Marney worked at ICI Blackley from 1940 to 1950 and then transferred to the North Sales Dyestuffs Division.  He was tasked with designing a machine which by
mechanical manipulation of the textile in the dye bath would produce consistent laboratory results.  The original cost of the units was about £340 when twenty-four
were manufactured by the small company H. Horsfall & Co. Ltd. of Chadderton Oldham Lancshire.  Six units had been sold to the USA by March 1950.  An example was
displayed at the Festival of Britain. The machine was improved by 1953.  In 1957 there were at least seven units in use in Japan.
Original 1945 drawing of the Marney Dyeing Machine
Reproduction of "The Marney Dyeing Machine", Hexagon Digest, December 1948
Reproduction of brochure on The Marney Dyeing Machine published by H. Horsfall & Co. Ltd.
ColorantsHistory.Org is grateful to Brian Marney for supplying the historic photos and documents regarding the Marney Dyeing Machine.
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