Jeffcott Family History
I am pleased to announce the completion of the book,
                                                                                                                The Jeffcotts 1876-1970
                                                                                                                     Letters to Our Sons
This book is the compilation of the life stories of Robert and Florence Jeffcott, as originally written by them.  Family pictures spanning a period of over 150
years, and a family tree have been added to enhance and clarify the narrative.

Florence’s story is a delightful and charming tale of her childhood, family history and married life, full of travel and adventure all over the world.  Robert’s is
the detailed history of his work for The General Electric Company in its early days in Australia, and the building of The Calco Chemical Company of Bound
Brook, New Jersey.

I hope you enjoy reading this remarkable story of our family, and will share it with generations to come.  To order copies of the book, see the information
attached.  Please feel free to contact me with any corrections, additions, and/or general comments you may have.

The book can be ordered for the cost of $14.98 plus $3.00 per book shipping.  Please complete the order form and return with your check or money order to:

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Calco Chemical Company 1915.  Photo Courtesy of Cathy Rouse.
"From Color Science to Polymers and Sulfa Drugs" by Anthony S. Travis.  Click Here for Article on Calco Chemical and American Cyanamid
Summary of the Book by Anthony S. Travis, Dyes Made in America 1915-1980: The Calco Chemical Company, American Cyanamid
and the Raritan River (Jeremy Mills Publishing), 2004.
Calco Chemical Company Founder Robert Jeffcott (3rd from left) and Company Officials in Boardroom.  Dr. Victor L. King Is on the Far Left of Photo.
A Portrait of Mr. Jeffcott Is on Wall.  Photo Courtesy of Cathy Rouse.
Calco Chemical Company History, Somerset Messenger Gazette, February 8, 1973
Cott-A-Lap Co. Executives, 1914,  A Year Later They Formed Calco.  1) Mr. Mattee, 2) NN, 3) Mr. Schmidt, 4) A.B. Merry, 5) F.M. Fargo,
6) C.R. Fish, 7) A.B. Cornell, 8) E.W. Jeffcott, 9) Mr. Edmonds, 10) R.C. Jeffcott, 11) Mr. Greves, 12) Mr. Smith, 13) T.A. Lockhart
Robert Jeffcott and Calco Chemical Company Officials Enjoy an Outing on the Jeffcott Yacht.  Photo Courtesy of Cathy Rouse.