Hoechst Mystery Barrel
A resident of Enschede, in the region Twente, the Netherlands,  asked for help to identify the origin and contents of a wooden barrel bearing Hoechst marks and numbers.   The barrel was
obtained many years ago from a textile factory.   From the start of the 18th century until about the 1960s, the Twente region was known for its booming textile industry.

Three photos are displayed below showing the barrel, its lid, and the interior.  The barrel is stenciled with lot number F556247/37 and the lid is stenciled with F556247/39.   The numbers 37 and
39 are probably barrel numbers from packaging the batch of product.  Does the lot number reveal the year of manufacture, the location, and the identity of the product  to anyone familiar with
the Hoechst lot numbering methodology?

The name " Venlo ", a city in Limburg the Netherlands , is stenciled on the lid.  Did Hoechst manufacture dyestuffs or chemicals in Venlo or could Venlo be the city the shipment of barrels was
consigned to?

The barrel is very well made and has a wood veneer interior that appears to be lacquered.   Did the barrel hold a powdered product like a dyestuff or perhaps a liquid or paste-like chemical used
to process textiles or leather?  These types of chemicals are known as auxiliaries or dyeing assistants.
Photos of Vintage Wooden Barrel and Lid with Hoechst Logo
Obtained from a Textile Factory in the Netherlands
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Mr. Sean Doyle recognized the barrel and said "I remember these barrels in the early 1970s.  They were made from plywood and came from Germany.  They held paint making chemicals
(powder).  I know this because there was a paint factory down the road from me and people and workers would bring them home for household use.  Hoechst also supplied plastic ones with
the  same colour to the factory and they were popular for dustbins.   I haven't seen one of these in nearly 40 years."

ColorantsHistory.Org thanks Mr. Doyle for identifying the Hoechst mystery barrel.
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