Photos Copyright by Wilson Baker, Reproduced with Permission
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Roger Marshall, Boiler Operator
Boiler Room Bldg. 812 in Center
Production Bldg. 802 on Left
Dryer Room Bldg. 816 on Right
William Meyer, Chemical Operator,
Charging Salt to Salt Grinder for Production
of Perrindo Maroon R-6434
John Mansfield, Chemical Operator,
Charging Pigment Presscake in Bldg. 835
Pressmen Jim Dooney (Left) and Al Urbanovich (Right)
Racking Presscake on Dryer Trays
Al Granucci, Chemical Operator, Discharging
Cone Blender Containing Palomar Blue B-4816
Frank DeMarco, Mechanic, Dismantling
Methanol-Phosphoric Acid Distillation Unit
Ron Christman, Forklift Driver, in Warehouse
Bldg. 845, Loading Drums of Pigment on Truck
for Customer Shipment
Ed Becker, Welder, Dismantling Hot Air Dryers in Bldg. 810
Harmon Colors, Haledon, New Jersey
Final Operations June 1993