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Harmon Colors was established in College Point, Long Island in 1914.  
In 1924 the company moved its pigments production to this location at
361 Harman St. in Brooklyn 1928.  Photo:  NYPL Digital Library
In 1936-1937 Harmon Colors moved to a 45-acre tract in Haledon and North Haledon, New
Jersey.  The former textile mill buildings were modified for organic pigment production.
The "Lake Office", housing administrative and sales departments, was built on
the edge of Oldham Pond in North Haledon in 1938.  It was modelled after the
old Montclair, New Jersey Country Club.
American Home Products acquired Harmon Colors in 1942 to make drugs
during World War II.  B. F. Goodrich purchased the business in 1950 and
sold it in 1959 to Allied Chemical.  Bayer acquired Harmon Colors in 1977
and made it part of its U.S. subsidiary Mobay Corporation.
1987 Aerial view (looking north) of manufacturing area, closed lime pit, and Oldham Pond.
The plant was closed in 1993 after production was moved to a new unit at the Bayer facility in
Charleston, South Carolina.   The manufacturing area was demolished, followed by environmental
remediation and capping of the site.  A four-story brick building and warehouse were donated to
the Borough of Haledon for use as a municipal complex.    The Lake Office and Oldham Pond
property were donated to the nearby William Paterson University.  Photo:  GoogleEarth
Harmon Colors Manufacturing Sites-Then and Now