Harmon Colors Photos
Former Harmon Colors Site-1995     USGS Aerial  Photo by TerraServer (Click to Enlarge)
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  Harmon Colors Plant, Haledon, NJ ca. 1940s                                                        Lake Office Headquarters of Harmon Colors ca. 1940s
Plant Entrance 1941
Photo of Senior Management of Harmon Colors Corporation (HCC), March 23, 1977.  HCC Formed Upon
Acquisition from Allied Chemical.  From Left to Right:  Dr. Heinz Machatzke, President of HCC, Mr. James H.
Alexander, Board Chairman of HCC, Mr. William C. Ostern, Executive Vice President of Mobay Chemical
Corporation, Dr. Gerhard Dittmar, Board of Management of Bayer AG, Mr. Lou Cochet, Manager of Operations
of HCC, Prof. Dr. Herbert Gruenwald, Chairman of Board of Management of Bayer AG, Mr. George Ricks, Plant
Manager of HCC, Mr. Helmuth Prochaska, General Manager of HCC.
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