90 Years On The Earl's Road by John Blackie
History of the Grangemouth Chemical Works 1919-2009
Aerial Views of Grangemouth Chemical Works 1925-2008
90 Years On The Earl's Road by John P.H.M. Blackie, Grangemouth, Scotland, 2009
John Blackie-KemFine Site Director
 90 Years On The Earl's Road
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Copyright by John Blackie and reproduced here with permission.
                                                                                                                         About the Author
John Blackie is currently the Site Director at KemFine Grangemouth and has over 28 year's Chemical Industry experience. From high school in Glasgow he
graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an Honours Degree in Chemical Engineering. He then joined Imperial Chemicals Industries (ICI) at the
FCMO Grangemouth Site on Earl's Road in 1982 as a Process Engineer working in plant design and development. From 1984 to 1989 he held a number of
posts in production, operations and project management. He spent two years working in the Headquarters of the ICI Specialities Business in Manchester
before returning to a senior management role in 1991 at Zeneca's (later Syngenta's) site in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

In 1995 he was seconded to Stauffer Chemicals in Belgium, an agrochemicals manufacturing and formulation plant, as Director of Production before moving
back to Scotland in 1998 as Manufacturing Manager with accountability for Pharmaceuticals, Biocides and Biotechnology manufacture. In 2001 he became a
General Manager of the UK Manufacturing organisation responsible for the Avecia sites in Huddersfield and Billingham.

In 2004 he returned to Grangemouth, for the third time, now as Site Director of Avecia's, and later KemFine's Earl's Road Site. He is a Fellow of the
Institution of Chemical Engineers. He is married to Karen and outside of work he enjoys hill walking, has a keen interest in polar exploration, politics, the
history of science and restores vintage wireless equipment.
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