General Aniline and Film Corporation
Research Organization in 1946 and 1960
General Aniline and Film Corporation, 230 Park Ave., New York 17, N. Y.

Research Organization 1946

President: George W. Burpee.

Laboratories: A central research laboratory and four research and process development laboratories in the several divisions, under divisional management, are maintained.

Research staff: W. E. Hanford, Director; J. H. Bruun, Chief, Process Development Department; F. M. Meigs, Director, Development Division.

Library: Each laboratory has a well equipped library.

Cooperative research: Ten fellowships are supported.


Research staff: W. E. Hanford, Director; W. B. Converse, Assistant to the Director; C. E. Barnes, Polymers; W. F. Busse, Physics; J. M. Cross, Detergents; A. L. Fox, Applications; D. L. Fuller,
Physical Chemistry; H. W. Grimmel, Dyestuffs; L. T. Hallett, Analytical; F. Max, Vat Dyestuffs; W. D. Peterson, Organic; W. A. Schmidt, Photography; C. G. Vogt, Intermediate Products. 85
chemists, 5 physicists, 4 chemical engineers; technical personnel 15; additional personnel 170.

Research activities: Dyes, intermediates for dyes, textile auxiliary agents, resins and polymeric products, photographic products, Ozalid products, and other organic chemical products and
processes. (Research initiated 1942.)


Chief of Process Development Departments: J. H. Bruun.

Process Development Department, Grasselli, N. J.

Research staff: P. Nawiasky, Manager; F. Ebersole, Assistant Manager; P. Kronowitt, Process Engineering; E. J. Wolthuis, Intermediates. 25 chemists, 3 chemical engineers; technical
personnel 67; additional personnel 2I.

Research activities: Dyestuffs, intermediate products, surface active agents, photographic chemicals, and other organic chemical derivatives.

Process Development Department, Rensselaer, N. Y.

Research staff: J. C. Moessinger, Manager; D. B. Andrews, Intermediates; J. W. Lang, Process Engineering; D. W. Vollmer, Azo and Triphenylmethanes; W. H. Von Glahn, Naphthols. 17 chemists,
3 chemical engineers; technical personnel 78; additional personnel 27.

Research activities: Dyestuffs and intermediate products and other organic chemicals.
Process Development Department, 435 Hudson St., New York, N. Y.

Research staff: G. E. Goheen, Manager. 2 chemists; technical personnel 2; additional personnel 5.

Research activities: Planning and central files.

ANSCO DIVISION, Binghamton, N. Y.

Research staff: F. W. H. Mueller, Director. 21 chemists, 6 physicists; technical personnel 3; additional personnel 32.

Research activities: The science and practice of photography and the development of photographic products and processes.


Research staff: S. C. Slifkin, Manager of Laboratory. 4 chemists, I chemical engineer; technical personnel 6; additional personnel I.

Research activities: White print dry reproduction processes and products.

Source: Industrial Research Laboratories of the United States, Eighth Edition 1946, National Research Council, Washington, D. C.

General Aniline and Film Corporation, 111 W. 50th St., New York 20, N. Y.

Research Organization 1960

President: Philip M. Dinkins.

Central Research Laboratory, Easton, Pa.

Research staff: Charles F. Jelinek, Manager, New Fields Research; 50 chemists, 3 chemical engineers, 51 technicians, 35 auxiliaries.

Research on: Polymers, textile finishing agents, surfactants, acetylene derivatives, dyes, agricultural chemicals, ultraviolet absorbers.

Dyestuff & Chemical Division, 435 Hudson St., New York 14, N. Y.

Research staff: M. R. Stevinson, Director of Research.

Research on: Exploratory and applications research, process development, and process engineering in dyes, intermediates, textile chemicals, surface-active agents, acetylene derivatives,
photographic chemicals; other organic chemicals.

Research and Development Laboratory, Linden, N. J.

Research staff: F. J. Gajewski, Manager of Process Research and Development; C. H. Nichols, Manager of Process Engineering Department; C. L. Collison, technical personnel director; 35
chemists, 22 chemical engineers, 1 physicist, 48 technicians, 40 auxiliaries.

Research on: Dyes and intermediates, photographic chemicals, acetylene derivatives, metal carbonyls and powders; other organic chemical derivatives.

Research & Development Laboratory, Rensselaer, N. Y.

Research staff: S. M. Roberts, Manager of Process Research and Development; 14 chemists, 2 chemical engineers, 13 technicians, 7 auxiliaries.
Research on: Dyestuffs, optical bleaches, ultraviolet absorbers; other organic chemicals.

ANSCO DIVISION, Binghamton, N. Y.

Research staff: H. H. Duerr, Technical Director; F. W. H. Mueller, Director of Research ; K. Famulener, Director of Product and Manufacturing Process Development; 77 chemists, 15 chemical
engineers, 10 physicists, 127 technicians, 55 auxiliaries.

Research on: Science and practice of photography; photographic products and processes.

Ozalid Division, Johnson City, N. Y.

General Manager: B. Friedland.

Research staff: C. E. Herrick, Jr., Director of Research; G. C. Jermyn, Personnel Director; 12 chemists, 3 physical chemists; engineers : 1 graphic arts, 1 process development; 13 technicians, 6

Research on: Reproduction processes.

Source:  Industrial Research Laboratories of the United States, Eleventh Edition 1960, National Research Council, Washington, D. C.
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