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Pipe Rack and Dye Buildings Await Demolition, 2001
Photo Courtesy of the NJDEP.
Workers Near Pipe Rack, 1947
Photo:  Barrett Gallagher, Fortune
Aerial View to North, 1947. At Right is Block A
with Closest Bldg. 204 for Acetylene Chemistry.  
Photo Courtesy Newark Public Library
Aerial View of Plant, 1995.  Some Buildings Demolished
Photo:  U.S.G.S.
Aerial View of Plant, 1974
Photo:  National Aerial Resources
Acetylene Chemicals Unit, 2001, Awaits Demolition
Photo Courtesy of the NJDEP.
Acetylene Chemicals Unit, 1954
Photo:  American Dyestuff Reporter
Chemical Operator in Chlorine-Caustic
Electrolytic Cell Building, ca. 1960
Dismantled Cell Building and Storage Tanks, 2001
Photo Courtesy of NJDEP
GAF Logo Adopted 1968
Grasselli Chemical Company, 1901 Calendar
Owned Linden Site 1889-1928
I. G. Farben Owned Linden Site 1928 to1941,
When Assets Seized by U. S. Government
Current Owner of Linden Site
General Aniline and Film Corporation (GAF)
Grasselli (Linden), New Jersey Plant
Then and Now