The Dyes by John Blackie
History of the Grangemouth Chemical Works 1919-2019
ColorantsHistory.Org is pleased to announce the publication of a monumental new book on the occasion of the 100th year anniversary of the Scottish Dyes works in
Grangemouth.  "The Dyes", a 500 page book with 16 colour plates, is authored by John Blackie, a chemical engineer who worked in production, operations and
project management at Grangemouth for ICI and its successor companies. In 2004 he was named Site Director of the Earl's Road Site for Avecia and later KemFine.  
Blackie is now retired and devoted to preserving and sharing history of the Earl's Road site back to its establishment in 1919.  

The book covers the origins and growth of a once great dye-making company, many extraordinary events of the last 100 years and developments to the current
day.  Blackie tells the site’s full story in detail, drawing on the many original sources he uncovered and partly recalled by those who worked there.  He frames the
wider history of manufacturing new colours and chemicals and how this one site fits within the broader landscape of industrial, technical and economic
developments in Grangemouth, Scotland, Britain and the wider world. For Blackie, the book is a personal journey of discovery, centered around the history of the
Earl's Road site with a focus on the early years before it is all lost and forgotten.

"The Dyes" is published in support of a good cause, the local charity: Grangemouth Heritage Trust whose volunteers run the heritage centre at 13A La Porte
Precinct in the town. All proceeds from the sale of the book will solely benefit the Trust.  

This book is available at Amazon UK for £15 GBP or visiting in person the Grangemouth Heritage Centre, 13A La Porte Precinct, Grangemouth FK3 8AZ Scotland, UK.  
Contact to discuss postal options. The book has reference number ISBN 978-1-9993700-0-8 .
History of Scottish Dyes Ltd.