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Mill News-1920
Mill News-1920
-------------------------American Dyestuff Reporter-1923--------------------------
American Dyestuff Reporter-1926
-------------American Dyestuff Reporter-1925----------------
National Dyes For Union Materials-ca. 1924
Geigy Eriochrome Colors
Du Pont Colors For Wool Yarn
Atlantic Chemical Dyes
Image Courtesy of Rubin Rabinowitz
Dye Industry Ads and Shade Cards
Dye Industry Memorabilia
American Aniline Products "New Shades for Aluminum" Displays Colored Aluminum Chips.  Date Unknown.  Click Images to Enlarge
The Images Below Are Trade Ads From 1910-1913 and Are Courtesy of Peter Metzke, Creator of a
Website on Historic American Paper and Textile Mills.  
The Images Below Are Trade Ads from 1920-1922, Courtesy of Peter Metzke
Berlin Aniline Works Trade Ad 1909
The above collection of dye and pigment industry shade card books and technical manuals, ca. 1970s,  has been donated to the Chemical Heritage Foundation.
Dyes Memorabilia