Vincent G. Daniel, Personnel Manager  
Pharma Chemical and Verona Dyestuffs
Vincent G. Daniel was born in Bayonne, New Jersey. He attended public schools, graduating from Bayonne High School in 1933. Vincent received a B.S. degree in
chemistry from St. Peter's University in 1937.  He joined Pharma Chemical Corporation as a research chemist.  In the early 1950's, he was closely involved with the
construction of the new plant (Plant 2) located on East 2nd Street in Bayonne.  Mr. Daniel was Plant Manager of this facility until 1957 when he became Division
Personnel Manager of the company.  He served a total of 41 years with the company as its name changed to Verona Dyestuffs, Mobay Chemical Corporation and finally
Bayer Corporation.  

"Vinny", as he was known, was adept at managing labor relations and was company spokesman for the Bayonne community.  He received the "Man of the Year" award
from the Bayonne Chamber of Congress for bridging the gap between business and government.  

Mr. Daniel passed away on January 18, 2017 at 101 years of age. He was a communicant of St. Michael's Church, Cranford, New Jersey, serving as an  extraordinary
minister actively involved in their works. He was preceded in death by his wife of 60 years, Viola (McCarthy). He is survived by his three children, Katherine Risen,
Mariann Gruber and Gerard Daniel,  five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.
Vincent G. Daniel
Pharma Chemical Corporation service awards ceremony, ca. 1940s. Dr. Eugene Markush,
company founder, is seated in center.  Vincent Daniel, chemist, is standing second from right.
Pharma Chemical Corporation, Christmas Party, Plaza Hotel, New York December 21, 1950.  Vincent Daniel seated on left.
Pharma Chemical Corporation Plant 2, Bayonne, NJ employees, early 1950s. Kneeling; Vito Tassone. Standing right: Sigmund Wolfson. Standing
second from right: Vincent Daniel, chemist.
Service award ceremony, December 8, 1967. Seated left to right: Vincent G. Daniel, Personnel Manager; NN; Sanley Baginski, dye tester;
David Boyd, operator; William C. Glover, Production Supervisor; Michael Ferraro. Standing left is John Keith, Production Supervisor.
Verona Dyestuff Plant 1 employees receive service awards, June 28, 1974. Left to right: Vincent Daniel, Personnel Manager; Michel Cukier, chemist;
Dr. Peter Vogt, Plant Manager; Jack Malawista, chemist; Dr. John Drenchko, chemist; Bill Minard, chemist.
Safety award presentation at Plant 2, 1975. Left to right: Vincent Daniel, Personnel Manager; James H. Alexander, Executive VP Mobay Chemical
Corporation; George Wilchock, Safety Supervisor; Jack Dugan, Plant 2 Manager; Crist Smith, operator, Dr. Peter Suchanek, Director Manufacturing.
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Bayonne Chamber of Commerce Honors Vincent Daniel, Former  "Man of the Year", Hudson Reporter, April 4, 2012
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