Damascus, Virginia Dye Plant Photos
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 New Mobay Sign-March 1981                       Navy Thionator Reactor-March 1981

Steam Engine Powered Agitators                        Double Drum Dryer-March 1981
               March 1981

Two Coal-Fired Autoclaves for Alizarine                    Plant Steam Boiler Used Fuel Oil
                 March 1981                                                             March 1981

Thiosulfate Wastewater Treatment Unit                    Wastewater Treatment Lagoons
               March 1981                                                               March 1981

    Storage Building-March 1981                                   Warehouse-March 1981

Plant Demolition-September 1986                       Plant Demolition-September 1986

                                                      Plant Closed March 1987

                                      Photos by G. Lewis Morgan, Plant Manager

          New-Additional Photos of Damascus Dye Plant 1981-1986 Now Online
Former Damascus Plant Site-1995
USGS Aerial Photo by TerraServer