Central Dyestuff and Chemical Company
Newark, New Jersey
Rare Photos of Central Dyestuff and Chemical Co. Plant in Newark, NJ taken during WW I.  
The company manufactured dyes which could no longer be imported from Germany.

Source:  "Man and His Machines",
The World's Work, May 1916, p. 121
Top left:  Vats for red and black coal-tar dyes.  Top right:  Scraping dye out of the filter press in preparation for drying kiln.  
Center:  Worker cleaning out a dye tank.
Bottom left:  An intermediate coal-tar product being baked.  Bottom right:  Worker taking a coal-tar product out of a filter press.
Top left:  Taking dyes out of grinders.  Top Right:  Aniline oil separators.
Center:  Dried dyes prior to being ground to a powder.
Bottom left:  View of filter press.  Bottom right:  Worker shoveling intermediate for next step of operation.
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