American Dyes Institute
Can you identify any of the other members of the American Dyes Institute shown in this rare photo of July 14, 1922?  The group was in Washington, DC to
lobby Congress to continue the dye embargo and licensing system that protected the emerging U.S. industry from imports. The Senate however refused to
continue the dye embargo regulation in a vote on July 16, 1922.  

The American Dyes Institute was organized in 1918 to advance the interests of the emerging dyes industry in the U.S.  

President, W. H. Cottingham, The Sherwin-Williams Co.; Treas., H. E. Danner: Sec., W. R. Corwine; counsel, Arthur J. Eddy.

Executive Committee: L. A. Ault, Frank Hemingway, R. C. Jeffcott, J. Merrill Matthews, August Merz, R. T. Baldwin, M. R. Poucher.

Board of Governors: C. S. Althouse, The Althouse Chemical Co., Reading, Pa.; B. R. Armour, American Aniline Products, Inc., New York; L. A. Ault,The Ault &
Wiborg Co., Cincinnati, O.; R. P. Dicks, Dicks, David Co., Inc., New York; B. P. Donnelly, Holland Aniline Co., Holland, Mich.; Frank Hemingway, Frank
Hemingway, Inc., New York; R. C. Jeffcott, Marden, Orth & Hastings Corp., New York; R. V. Kemp. Holliday-Kemp Co., New York; G. A. Martin, The
Sherwin-Williams Co., Cleveland, O.; J. M. Matthews, The Grasselli Chemical Co., Cleveland, O.; August Merz, The Heller & Merz Co., Newark, N. J.; R. T.
Baldwin, National Aniline & Chemical Co., Inc., New York; J. T. Pardee, The Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich.; E. W. Pierce, Zobel Color Works Inc., New
York; M. R. Poucher, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Wilmington, Del; G. S. Whaley, John Campbell & Co., New York; S. W. Wilder, Merrimac Chemical Co.,
Inc., Boston, Mass.

Dr. Charles H. Herty is at position no. 6 in the photo.  If you recognize any of the other people, please
contact Robert J. Baptista of ColorantsHistory.


1)  Fairchild's National Directory and Digest, Vol. 17, 1920 (online Google Books)

2) Photo:  Library of Congress